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Shiloh Fellowship Webstream

We encourage anyone to connect with us, either individually or as a group via the free weekly webstream, in keeping with the Scriptural exhortation “freely you have received, freely give”. It is our joy to provide this resource to the global Body of Christ. We want everyone to spread the word and come to the banquet from your own computer or TV screen.

Live streaming is available every Sunday Morning at 9:30 a.m. Pacific Time and will be archived for viewing following the livestream.

Various other meetings and events will also be available from time to time. Additionally, all services will be archived for future access to facilitate schedules for the global community of believers.

The Vision of Shiloh Webchurch

Learn more about the vision, values and accountability of Shiloh Webchurch.

How to become a Shiloh Webchurch member?

If you would like to become part of XP Shiloh Webchurch please complete the  Shiloh Webchurch Application.

Where does Shiloh Webchurch Meet?

Our weekly gathering take place at Shiloh Fellowship in Maricopa, Arizona. They are open to the public and we welcome all visitors and casual attendees. We also acknowledge that there are those who are committed to a deeper level of connection and want to participate in the benefits and responsibilities of being a committed member of the Fellowship family.

Service Time: Sunday Services at 10:30 AM local Arizona (Note: very limited seating – arrive early)
Venue: XP Media and Missions Center, 44927 W. Hathaway Ave. Maricopa, AZ 85139

When can I watch Shiloh Webchurch Live?