Create Your World


Patricia King has written a book that will empower you to frame your world and experience the kind of life Jesus died to give you.

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In this book, Patricia King gives clear and simple guidelines so every believer can live a life of victory rather than as a victim; an over-comer rather than a life of defeat. Patricia skillfully reduces profound knowledge to a level of comprehension that helps ordinary people to understand extraordinary truth.

Create Your World is full of keys that will help you unlock your full potential and transform every aspect of your life. As you read and apply the principles of Create Your World your relationships, health, finances, and overall state of being will be supernaturally blessed by God!

“You are holding in your hand a “stick of dynamite” that, when read and applied, will blow away doubt, unbelief, and any other obstacle or hindrance standing between your destiny revealed and destiny fulfilled.” ~ James W. Goll

“This marvelous book is a treasure trove of Kingdom keys and insights into the creative power Christ has placed in you. If you heed what Patricia shares and allow her to guide you step by step, and reach out your hand to take the keys she extends, you will unlock doors that hold untold possibilities and promises that will enable you to Create Your World.” ~ Mark J. Chironna

“Patricia unfolds, and brings understand­ing to, the power in our ability to speak and be in agreement with the heart of the Lord, who establishes, sets in and changes the atmo­spheres around us for our lives, families, communities and nation.” ~ Keith Miller

“Patricia King’s book, Create Your World, is an invitation to explore, discover, and begin to change the atmosphere in your life. Within its pages you will find helpful keys and practical suggestions for connect­ing with the abundant blessings of God. You will especially enjoy read­ing Patricia’s real-life testimonies of changing realms and atmospheres.” ~ Joshua Mills

“This latest book is typical Patricia King. Well thought through, passionately prayed into being, and each chapter dripping with intention. This book will take your heart in the direction it is longing to go. It will create a living picture of the territory where you can learn to live, move, and have your very being. It offers lots of practical steps in how to get there and powerful insights to empower your journey.” ~ Graham Cooke

“Patricia King’s new book reads like a warrior’s journal written by one of King David’s Mighty Men. Create Your World will challenge, inspire, equip, and thrust you onto the fast track to your great adventure. I dare you to read this book!” ~ Kris Vallotton

“In a world facing transition and upheaval it is vital that believers in Christ understand their power to call forth light into darkness and order into chaos. Create Your World shows you how to operate in your God-given authority to bring heaven to earth and create environments of love, hope, victory, and faith in every facet of life.” ~ Dr. Ché Ahn

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