31 Decrees of Blessing for your life


The words we speak have power for life

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The words we speak have power for life. When you proclaim God’s word in faith, it is activated to bring about His purpose for your life.

Isaiah 55:11 declares that God’s Word does not return empty but accomplishes everything it is sent to do.  If God said it, He will make it good!

31 Decrees of Blessing for Your Life contains thirty one days of inspirational readings that will turn your attention to the heart of God and His wonderful intentions for your life.  Each devotion is followed by ten powerful decrees for that day’s theme — faith-filled words of biblical truth for you to be blessed with love, fruitfulness, friends, wisdom, hope, victory, family, glory, endurance, God’s presence, gladness, and more.  Each day includes an activation for you in response to each devotion and decree to seal God’s Word in your heart and life.

Experience multiplication of blessings for your life and watch transformation take place as you daily give Jesus your focus and decree His Word.